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We understand. The struggle is real. You want to gain positive results; you want your team to give their best but don't know how to make it happen!

Do you...

...own a business that operates with employees based in remote locations?

Do you...

...strive to build a team that’s dynamic, innovative and responsive when it comes to addressing your needs?

Do you...

...struggle with the disconnection between the quality of the work they deliver and the vision you have for your company?

Are you...

...alarmed by the difficulty your remote professionals seem to have in efficiently and accurately communicating with one another?

Is it...

...a challenge to appropriately navigate the variety of cultures represented on your team?

We Have The Solution You've Been Waiting For


In today's global economy,

building a team of professionals from around the world can gain your business the edge it needs to compete on an international level. Unfortunately, hiring remote employees presents itself with a unique set of challenges that, if not navigated correctly, can undermine your entire endeavor and stunt your team’s professional development.


That is not to say that hiring remote employees

is not without its rewards, however. Studies have shown that remote employees are more focused and productive than their local counterparts. When seeking talent from around the world, you ensure that you have the opportunity to hire the very best talent available, not just those from within your city.


Even after taking all this into account

and deciding that hiring remote employees is to your company’s benefit, you’ll soon be presented with more questions to answer and a whole new set of challenges to face.


Without a proper strategy in place,

your team could struggle to achieve the high standard you have set for them.

How Do You Know If You've Hired From The Top Tier

And even if you’ve been fortunate enough to acquire such talent,

what guarantee do you have that your team will have the chemistry necessary to take your business to the next level?

Will they all share the same vision,

values and passion for your company?

Take A Moment To Picture Your Team

The Remote Worker Profile0
The Distributed Team Profile powered by the GC Index
  • Is your business progressing forward?

  • Are you on your way to taking things to the next level or are you stagnant?

  • Deep down, you know that talent alone won't make your team great.

    You need the RIGHT group of 'employees'and you need them all to be operating together as a team.

That’s Were The Distributed Team Profile Comes In!

Never leave

a hiring decision up to chance and get it right the first time, each and every time.

How can we

guarantee such great results each and every time?

With our help,

you can rest easy knowing that you’ll be hiring the right people that will work together to elevate your business to new heights you previously had only dreamed of.

Through years of research and development, a unique framework
known as 'The Game Changer Index' was formed.

The GC Index for short, this scientific framework enables individuals, companies and organizations to identify how they make their impact.

From there, The GC Index can make recommendations for the best possible matches. To that end, The Distributed Team Profile has been developed within this framework specifically with your needs in mind when assessing and developing the perfect remote team.

When utilizing this technology, the Distributed Team Profile can identify an individual’s potential for making a positive impact on your team. In other words, we look at how they can change the game.

While other employment services might offer personality profiles or skills assessments, only the Distributed Team Profile takes things a step further…

 and looks deeply into the candidate to determine the best matches possible. In fact, The GC Index does not take into account personality type or skill level at all. Rather, what’s measured is a candidate’s work proclivities and their inclination of how they contribute to a project, role or organization.

The Remote Work Index Is Accredited By The GCI Index

Simple & Streamlined

We keep the process as simple and streamlined as possible to alleviate any undue stress or added duties. It works like this:


Your team member

or prospective candidate completes a Remote Worker Assessment, which identifies the way they best fit in on a given team, as well as the team roles they are most inclined to fill.


Assessments are

administered by a qualified member of our team, whom we refer to as a GCologist. Our GCologists are trained to fully understand the function and results, so you can be confident that information you are being given is not only accurate, but practical, as well.


Once an assessment

is complete, it will be added to and compiled with the other assessments already completed into your unique Distributed Team Profile. When each member of your team has completed the assessment, you will receive a full report on your team that contains invaluable information.

Not only will you gain an insight into the strengths of your team as it is currently, but you will be shown where your team members can collaborate more to implement and embolden their collective strengths. To help facilitate this process, you will be provided with a strategy to implement a plan of development that works for your team and your business.

The Strengths Of Your Management Style

will also be assessed, providing you with the insight you need to effectively develop your leadership skills.

The result? Your employees will grow with you.

You’ll see your team function as a cohesive whole from top to bottom, which will finally give you the opportunity to propel your business forward and reach those heights that were hitherto unattainable.

We firmly believe in the transformative power of the Distributed Team Profile, powered by the GC Index.

Are you ready?

If you’re serious about leading your remote team to an unrivalled level of success, we’re the partner you need by your side.
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